It’s Really Happening…

It was just a year and half ago that my whole crazy project began…I kept on hearing lots of great ¬†love and dating stories, so I decided I wanted to make them into a web series. I set out to interview 100 New Yorkers about their stories, scripted my first three episodes, and then, Monday happened….

A group of very creative and awesome people came to my apartment and we did a reading of the script. There was some singing, eating, and of course, lots of laughter. They brought the characters to life, and helped me uncover the heart of the show.

We now have a pretty large cast, a crew, and a spectacular music staff. The next phase of the project will be fundraising, but we’ll figure it out…We’ve come this far, right??

Thank you so much to the creative team for doing the first reading. We’re hoping to shoot the series this summer, so I’ll keep you updated.

Have a Funky Friday!


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