Jamie Mittleman is an actor, writer, and singer currently living in the overpriced city of New York. Although she wishes the streets were a little bit quieter at night, she really appreciates being in a city filled with creative people who are forging their own paths. When Jamie is not working on an acting or writing project, she can be found performing with her a cappella group, “Cadence.”

Jamie’s current life goals:

  • Creating and acting in a Netflix-style Web Series (which she is currently working on)
  • Starting her own theater company

A Note from Jamie

I know that traditionally actors have very-polished About Me Pages, but I’m not a very traditional person! So, as an artist, I’d like to let you in on the truth…Pursuing a creative career path can be both confusing and incredibly difficult at times. Although I sometimes have days of wishing I could just work a 9 to 5 job, as cliché as this sounds, I know that I am never going to stop pursuing my dreams. I believe deeply in this work and I hope to continue doing it until I’m old and growing whiskers…

Some facts about me that I don’t usually lead with…

  • I’m a vegan-Ok, stop rolling your eyes and giving me that look of disgust! Come over for dinner before you judge and I promise not to feed you left-over lawn trimmings.
  • I have had A LOT of health, breathing, and vocal issues. Although I hope that no one ever has to spend the amount of time that I’ve spent with doctors and holistic professionals, it also means that I take having a voice very seriously. I spent the first half of my life eating Oreos as a major food group and not fully believing in myself and I am so grateful that I get to have a second chance. Not to get all preachy, but PLEASE take care of yourself!
  • I still work at summer camp and I’m no longer a teenager. Camp is really fun and I’m not sure that I ever see myself stopping…

***This photo was taken when I was younger and placed in my I Can Dream book. Disclaimer-I wasn’t old enough to dress myself yet, so please forward all fashion inquiries and concerns to my mom.