The Script is Alive!!!

creative team

Are you wondering why there is a picture on this update of way too many people sitting on one couch?  I don’t want you to lose sleep over it, so I’ll tell you. On February 17th, 2014,the creative team came to my apartment  and we did the first reading of the script!

I’ve always loved collaborating because it means that I get to be surrounded by people that are smarter and more talented than I am. As we read through the script, I got to hear the characters come to life and then I got to hear lots of brutally honest feedback.

In other exciting news, we have a huge cast, lots of crew members, and a very talented music staff. Of course, there is a long way to go, but in the words of  Marie Forleo, “everything is figure out-able.”

Since this entire web series is about love, I just wanted to send my love and to say thank you to everyone that did the first reading. There was so much laughter in the room and with your help, I hope to spread that  to millions of households.

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