Let’s Get Funky in 2014!!!

If Baby Ellie is telling us to have a Happy New Year, we’d better listen. You just don’t mess with that level of cuteness…

 Well, 2013, it’s been real, but it’s almost time for us to part ways. Before we part, however, I would like to tell you what I learned during our time together. The greatest lesson I learned in 2013 was that once I started fully listening instead of always closing myself off to the world, lots of opportunities came into my life.

 It’s even more perfect that one of the last days of the year is my friend Dori’s birthday. Although Dori and I have been friends for quite some time now, I feel like this is the perfect time to tell the famous “Arch-Nemesis Story.” When Dori and I went to college together, we both auditioned for the same a capella group… Stop laughing…Pitch Perfect made a cappella cool… Anyway, outside of the audition room, some might say that I was mean to Dori because I really wanted her spot in the group. I even went and told my friend Lewis about “Dori-the arch-nemesis.” Of course, there must have been some kind of universal smackdown happening because I later found out that Dori was his G-d sister!

 As luck would have it, Dori and I both ended up getting into the group, and I’m  so lucky that we ended up becoming good friends. I’m not telling this story so that I sound like a character in Mean Girls, but because I want to emphasize what we miss out on when we spend our lives being closed off to people and possibilities. Sorry Dorz!! Happy Birthday and I’m so happy to be celebrating with you years later!

 So, 2013, I guess it is time we say goodbye. Thank you for giving Baby Ellie to Kira and Andrew. She’s pretty delicious. Thanks for letting me celebrate Dori’s birthday with her, and  thanks for teaching me to listen. Wishing everyone a happy new year full of openness to new possibilities!

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