Spoiler Alert!!

first_date_retouched_duo-2_wide-631dda67d6bbe3652e2ede93193fa3ed3a187cfd-s6-c30Last weekend, I went with my family to see a Broadway show called First Date.┬áThe entire show was dedicated to celebrating the awkwardness of a first date. It was really clever and I highly recommend it. Just don’t see it on a first date.

Anyway, the subject matter of this show is obviously one that excites me, so I thought I would give a web series update. I’m excited and terrified to say that things are really coming together!! I am interviewing lots of people, scripting episodes, and have already cast a number of roles.

The show is based around 4 close friends in NYC trying to figure themselves out while trying to find love. Each character will go on their own adventure and will learn to celebrate their countless missteps along the way. Although the audience will meet lots of characters on this journey, I’ll spoil two of the leads. One character is a gay man who has recently come out to his friends and family. He is single and definitely ready to mingle. I hope that he will make you laugh a lot! The next character is an awkward Jewish girl…. Enough said…

I’m pretty psyched about this project. There are a lot of people that have helped me bring it to this point and I cannot say thank you enough. Throughout this time, I’ve learned the importance of asking for help. If anyone has things they would like to see, people that I should interview, or any more advice, please share.

Have a Funky Friday!!!

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